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Decluttering services for a stress-free home

Too much stuff weighing you down?

Keeping your home in order can feel like a full-time job. 

There are three loads of washing on the couch to put away, stuff all over the floor, a kitchen bench that’s too cluttered to cook on, and a form to fill in…if only you could find a pen that works! 

Sound familiar? 

The mental load of keeping on top of daily life and years of accumulated stuff can be overwhelming. 

If  your home is cluttered, so is your mind – and your life. 

And life is too short to live in a state of chaos and stress. Decluttering your home will transform your life. Together, let’s make room for what matters.

Our decluttering process

We deliver a range of customisable decluttering services to transform the parts of your home that are making you miserable. Perhaps you want to declutter your wardrobe, clean out your pantry, or reorganise your playroom and set up toy rotations. Maybe you need to pack up your elderly parents’ home to move them into care or sort through a loved one’s deceased estate. Or do a pre-move declutter to save on moving costs and help buyers visualise the property as their future home. Whatever the task, we help you declutter from start to finish by:

The end result?

Say goodbye to the mental load of running your home. Instead, you’re left with a fresh space, a fresh outlook, and a home to relax in and enjoy your family. 

Of course, decluttering isn’t a one-off thing. As life changes, so do your possessions. So, we’ll also equip you with the skills to keep your home decluttered, take care of what you do have sustainably, and donate what you no longer need to organisations like Dress for Success and Tassie Mums. Keep your home decluttered and enjoy a hit of happy hormones by helping those in need. 

How does that sound?

Our packages start from $475

4 hours of intensive decluttering:

  • Ideal for small areas or use as a starting point for bigger tasks.
  • Includes decluttering the space and managing storage solutions (based on discussions via initial consultation).
  • Labelling is included, however we can create custom vinyl labels at an additional fee.
  • An additional fee will be charged for any new storage items that need to be researched, designed, sourced, bought, cleaned, constructed etc.

Dealing with a bigger space? Or need the whole house decluttered? Ask us about tailoring a package (flat day rate or hourly fee) to suit you and your budget.