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Less time stressing about budgets =
more time living

Your household budget doesn’t have to be a source of stress

Increasing rent and mortgage repayments. Gas and electricity bills through the roof. Bleeding money every time you visit the petrol pump and supermarket checkout. 

The cost-of-living crisis is real and it’s hitting hard. 

It’s never been more important to manage our pennies and use them wisely. But many of us simply don’t know how. At school, we learn long division but not how to budget – a critical life skill. Go figure!

Life is too short to spend it stressing about money and struggling to make ends meet. Our simple budgeting solution will transform your financial health.

A budgeting solution that makes your money work for you

We follow a simple, but proven, process to get your money under control. Together, we:


Put everything you’re spending on the table – bills, home loan or rent, insurance, school fees, phones, subscriptions, beauty treatments, etc. No shame or judgment – just total transparency so we know where you stand as a starting point.


Plug it all into our easy-to-use budgeting spreadsheet so we have a complete picture of all your expenses. And can hopefully identify some things to eliminate up front (Hello, TV subscription you never use!).


Create a budget and set up separate bank accounts to streamline your spending. Managing spending from separate accounts removes the temptation to spend extra money on groceries or non-essentials.

The end result?

No more head in the sand. No more nasty surprises and stressing about paying bills. 

No more flaking on friends because you can’t afford to go out for dinner. 

And no more missing out on holidays and fun experiences. 

Instead, you’ll be intentional with your money and how you spend it. 

Takeaway won’t be as tempting because you have a money plan to stick to.  Overtime at work won’t be as painful because you know it’s going to fund something you’re working towards. There’ll be less conflict about spending and saving, and more working together as a team to achieve shared goals. 

Together, you’ll feel confident, in control, safe, and more abundant than ever before.

Let’s get started

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