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Our Story

How I transformed my home (and life) from the inside-out

Hello and welcome! I’m so thrilled you’re here. 

I’m Helen – founder of The Organised Effect. Decluttering is my passion, but it hasn’t always been this way. Only 8 short years ago, I was drowning in stuff. 

My husband and I were living in Western Australia, in a tiny two-and-a-half-bedroom house. We had a house jam packed with all sorts of random items and things we were keeping for the life we were going to live one day.

Then we made a spontaneous decision to move to the beautiful Apple Isle. Why wait for retirement? Life is for living!

We packed up our stuff – 103 boxes for just two people (crazy, I know) – and headed across the country. Unfortunately, the train carrying most of our things derailed. We arrived in Hobart with just the clothes on our backs and in our suitcases, and a few miscellaneous items we’d shoved in the car. 

At the time, it felt like a disaster. 

But, in a twist of fate, it changed our lives for the better – forever. 

Eco-friendly homes = a healthy planet

In addition to creating beautiful, streamlined spaces, we’re passionate about looking after our precious planet. As a mum, I’m conscious of the legacy we’re leaving for our kids, and the habits we are modelling for them. I know it feels overwhelming and you might wonder: how can I make a difference? Well, we can have a huge impact in the way we run and care for our homes. Let us show you how with eco-friendly ideas like these:

Buy one high-quality item that lasts rather than ten cheap items that break (and end up in landfill)

Dispose of your clothes ethically by using companies like Upparel who donate clothes that can be reworn or turn the fabric waste into insulation

Use eco-friendly cleaning products and household items like stainless steel pegs and compostable drying balls

Helping others experience the joy of intentional living

After I’d decluttered our home, it didn’t take long for friends to start commenting on what a beautiful, calming place it is to be. They asked, “How do you do it?” and then “Can you do it for me too?” 

I realised I could help others experience the same relief and joy by removing the clutter and simplifying overwhelming tasks like meal planning and budgeting. 

And so, The Organised Effect was born. 

Today our mission is: Make room for what matters. In the space and simplicity, we find time, freedom, and family. It’s truly life changing, and I can’t wait to guide you on the journey.

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